Carol Araneo-Mayer, VP Fundraising

Carol Araneo-Mayer, VP Fundraising

VP, Adopt-A-Pet, Inc. (NJ)

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Carol has been in the animal welfare field since 1967, when she joined a small group called the Nutley Animal Welfare league. Over the years she was very active in promoting spay and neuter and was a past President of “People for Animals” which ran New Jersey’s first spay neuter clinic.

In 2004 she joined with 2 friends and held what was the first Awareness Day in Harrisburg, PA. The event name was changed by the urging of her long time friend, Chris DeRose of Last Chance for Animals who worked closely with the group during those first years. In 2005 the event changed its name to Puppy Mill Awareness Day. Since that time educational events have been held in many US Cities and other countries bringing to light the plight of the puppy mill dogs.

At the local level Carol is the Vice President of Adopt A Pet, Inc., in Freehold, NJ, the group is a 501c3 not for profit and it was with their help that the first events were able to get sponsors and celebrities to join forces and March against the mills right were the dogs were being bred in Lancaster, PA.

Today, Carol splits her time between Adopt A Pet and PMADTX which is a not for profit in Austin, TX that has been running Puppy Mill Awareness Day events for 6 years. The funds raised by PMADTX goes right back to pay for the medical expenses of Texas Puppy Mill Dogs.

Cari MeyersCari Meyers

Executive Board

President of The Puppy Mill Project (IL)

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Carla Wehrspann

Executive Board
Secretary & VP Membership Management

Volunteer, The Puppy Mill Project (IL)

Carol Araneo-MayerCarol Araneo-Mayer

Executive Board
VP Fundraising

Vice President, Adopt A Pet, Inc. (NJ)

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Executive Board
VP Legal Affairs

President, Paws for a Cause (GA); Managing Attorney at Coleman Legal Group, LLC  (GA)