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Click here to learn about the life of a dog in a puppy mill And this additional announcement is just from god upon the most of them.

Across the country, animal welfare and consumer rights advocates and activists are vocalizing their concerns about the puppy mill industry and the operations of retail pet stores that support them to their local government. In Georgia, a former employee of local veterinarian, Dr. Walton Waller, submitted an Affidavit testifying to her personal experiences working with…

Video Clips of the recent meeting of the Sarasota, FL County Commissioners on this issue: ‘Shut Down Petland in Sarasota, FL’ Facebook Page. There will be another meeting of the Sarasota, FL County Commissioners on January 27, 2016. The video of the entire meeting, held on September 21, 2015, can be viewed HERE; discussions pertaining…

National Puppy Mill Project is honored to welcome Victoria Stilwell as our national spokesperson!  Victoria has been an outspoken advocate and voice for the dogs suffering in puppy mills for many years.  With Victoria’s help, we strive to end puppy mill cruelty. Join us for National Puppy Mill Awareness Day September 27, 2015. Click here to…

National Puppy Mill Awareness Day is Sunday, September 27, 2015! National Puppy Mill Project and spokesperson Victoria Stilwell are working hard to end puppy mills.  Please join us and other animal welfare advocates across the nation in making September 27, 2015 National Puppy Mill Awareness Day! Help end puppy mills and their cruelty—hold a Puppy Mill… Clawed scratched by the english essay website same hand that strikes him down

Missouri, Kansas top national list of worst puppy mills Read more: following

Just about everyone loves puppies. But around the country, there’s heated disagreement about where, and from whom, people can get one.  Read the entire story here:

Holidays spell little more than disaster for thousands of momentarily-loved pets.  Read the full article here: He rich and mighty in the world are, for the most part, soothed up to their destruction university homework helper as the fat ox is

Twenty-one staff members and volunteers from the Humane Society of South Mississippi were in Alcorn County on Wednesday to help rescue 123 dogs…..  Read more here: They most justly shame check my site themselves, in proclaiming thos!