Raise Public Awareness & Educate Consumers

Commercial puppy-breeding (puppy mills) is a multi-billion dollar industry.  And it's an ugly one.  People we talk to are always surprised to learn that this exists and that it is legal.  But the fact is, dogs are considered "livestock" in the eyes of our federal government (Animal Welfare Act) and are regulated as agriculture by the USDA.  The law allows a level of care that most people would not consider humane.  Commercial breeders take advantage of this to maximize profit at the expense of the welfare of the dogs.  They hide the ugly truth from the public by selling their puppies to unsuspecting consumers through pet stores, websites and classified ads, refusing to reveal where or how the puppy was born and raised.

While human greed and indifference to animal suffering are at the heart of the cruelty, and inhumane laws allow the cruelty, consumer demand is at the root.  Consumer demand for the puppies perpetuates the inhumane confinement and forced breeding of hundreds of thousands of dogs every year.

To achieve our mission, we need to make the cause accessible to more people and help them better understand its connection to them.

NPMP aims to raise public awareness and educate consumers about the consequences of buying puppies from pet stores, websites and classified ads, and the direct link between consumerism, human greed, and animal suffering.  Consumers can make a real difference by refusing to support puppy mills.

Key Activities

  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Humane education programs
  • Peaceful protests of pet stores that sell puppies
  • Public marches and rallies
  • Community events and friend-raisers

Outcome Goals

  • Informed consumers no longer buy puppy mill puppies nor support businesses that do.