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Do you envision a world where dogs aren’t confined to inhumane spaces and forced to breed repeatedly until their feeble bodies give out?  A world where puppies are not treated like products?  A world where puppy mills do not exist?

You’re not alone.  There are many organizations and individual advocates who have been working tirelessly to end cruel puppy-breeding and retailing practices.   We may deploy different tactics, but we are all trying to accomplish the same thing.

Some real progress has been made.  There have been modest yet promising shifts in consumer behavior, including greater public awareness and pressure on millers and pet stores to practice humane business models.

Yet, despite all this work, commercial puppy-breeding still thrives.

And it’s a multi-billion dollar industry.  As we speak, hundreds of thousands of breeder dogs suffer in puppy mills across America.  Puppy mill owners are many and their lobbyists are powerful.  Change will be difficult.

What if we all worked together and helped each other, rather than working alone, duplicating efforts and competing for scarce resources?

Just imagine if we all connected, worked collaboratively and organized for collective power.  Imagine how much stronger we could be, together.

That’s why we hope you’ll join us by becoming a member of National Puppy Mill Project (NPMP), a national coalition formed to connect, inspire and unite those of us who are working tirelessly to end the cruelty.

Be empowered to be even more successful in your own work to end puppy mills locally, and be part of a strong united voice that is a catalyst for real change on a national level.

Simply submit your membership application and we’ll send you a login ID to the members-only portion of our website.

Together, we can harness the collective capability of all who are already working to end puppy mills and accelerate achievement of our shared mission.

We can be even more effective by working together!

Cari Meyers, President NPMP                 Betty Stebbins, Executive Director NPMP