Advocate for Reform

In the eyes of our federal government (Animal Welfare Act) dogs are considered  "livestock" and are regulated by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).  The law allows a level of care that most people would not consider humane.  Commercial puppy-breeders (puppy mills) take advantage of this to maximize profit at the expense of the welfare of the dogs used as breeding stock, inhumanely confined and forced to breed continuously.

Puppy mill owners are many and their lobbyists are powerful.  Change will be difficult. NPMP advocates for reform that will have the most impact to eliminate inhumane and outdated care standards and give dogs the protections they deserve.

To achieve our mission, we need to work outside our core group of true believers and put greater emphasis on mobilizing those less engaged.

NPMP aims to harness the power of millions of animal lovers as a powerful voice to stop commercial puppy-breeding and regulation of companion animals as livestock.

Key Activities

  • Empower independent grassroots animal welfare nonprofits to advocate for reform at the local level.
  • Unite our members and their many supporters as a powerful national voice for reform.
  • Collaborate with other national animal welfare organizations who fight puppy mills as a part of their agenda

Outcome Goals

  • Puppies are no longer bred commercially or regulated as agriculture.