Aid Puppy Mill Survivors

As we succeed in our work to put an end to puppy mills, what will happen to the adult mill dogs currently imprisoned as breeding stock in puppy mills across America?

As a result of economic and legislative pressures, puppy mill raids and millers' own harsh practice of discarding breeders who can no longer produce, adult breeder dogs - puppy mill survivors - are in need of shelter, veterinary care, and rehabilitation.

Local rescue and shelter nonprofits are often there to help, however the cost to transport, shelter, provide the much needed and often extensive veterinary care, as well as remedial therapy is too big a burden for these nonprofits to bear alone.

We believe it is part of our social responsibility to aid puppy mill survivors.

NPMP raises funds to provide emergency funding, operational grants, and coordination assistance to accredited nonprofits involved in the transport, sheltering, veterinary care and rehabilitation of puppy mill survivors.

If you would like to help as many survive as possible, please donate today. Thank you!

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