Help end the suffering.  Take Action.

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Because Dogs Deserve Better!

Don’t Support Puppy Mills

Help end the demand for puppies

  • Get your next dog from a shelter, rescue group, or a humane and responsible breeder that you have carefully screened in person.
  • Don’t buy puppies from pet stores, internet sites, or newspaper ads
  • Refuse to shop for any products at pet stores that sell puppies
Be Their Voice

Help fight for laws that give dogs the protections they deserve.

    • Don’t be silent, the mill dogs need you.  Puppy mill owners are many and their lobbyists are powerful.  But people who love and care about animals far outnumber the bad guys who hurt them.
    • Write your legislators and tell them you want to stop puppy mills.  Senators, congressmen, city council members, and state attorneys general say that calls and emails to their office DO make a BIG DIFFERENCE.


Take a Stand

Stand up for victims of puppy mill cruelty

  • Speak out – teach friends, family and neighbors about puppy mills.
  • Stand out – protest pet stores that sell puppies.
  • Make a donation or hold a fundraiser to benefit NPMP.
  • Volunteer with a local animal welfare group.