Terms & Agreements

NPMP is a coalition of independent grassroots animal welfare organizations and independent animal welfare advocates from across the country, working towards a common mission of ending puppy mills and the inhumane treatment of dogs used as breeding stock.  NPMP provides the forum to connect, inform, and inspire all those who are working towards the same goal.  Together, we will build strategic partnerships and brand equity based on the integrity of our work and results that can be measured.

All members agree to abide by the terms and agreements of NPMP membership.  Noncompliance will result in termination of membership.

Members agree to: 

  • Share their own best practices, successes, and ideas with other members.
  • Provide feedback to NPMP that will strengthen the coalition, and participate in surveys that will help NPMP measure and track results.
  • Abide by NPMP rules pertaining to public relations and representation of NPMP to the public and press, as well as abide by the usage rules concerning NPMP logo, name, and resource materials.  Members understand that they are not agents or representatives of NPMP and as such are not authorized to represent or speak on behalf of NPMP in any medium, including but not limited to print, on-line, or direct-to-public mediums.  The use of NPMP's logo is not permitted to be used without express written permission from the NPMP Executive Committee.
  • Maintain the privacy of NPMP members’ contact information. Members are prohibited from sharing member contact information with any external sources for any purpose, including but not limited to solicitation of product offers, donations, or for any other purpose beyond the mission of the coalition.
  • Be professional, ethical, and lawful.
  • Members acknowledge that they are independent organizations and are solely accountable for their own actions.