Chicago Passes Landmark Legislation

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Landmark Legislation is Passed in Chicago!

History has been made in the City of Chicago. On Wednesday March 5, Chicago’s City Council passed landmark legislation – The Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance with an overwhelming 49-1 vote. This new law bans the retail sale of commercially sourced dogs, cats and rabbits from pet stores and requires stores to obtain animals from humane sources such as shelters, non-profit rescue organizations, humane societies, veterinarians or government shelters. Chicago pet stores have one year to move to a humane model.

The ordinance was introduced and championed by Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza to cut off the pipeline of puppies coming into Chicago from puppy mills.

A major force in getting the ordinance passed was Cari Meyers, founder and president of Chicago-based The Puppy Mill Project, who worked alongside Mendoza for more than two years.

Chicago has sent a clear message that animal cruelty is not acceptable. Congratulations Chicago!

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