New Breeder Bill introduced in Michigan Senate

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A new bill has been submitted to the Michigan Senate. SB 560 is making it’s way through the Michigan congress.
Here is a summary:

Large-scale commercial dog breeding kennels are defined as facilities housing more than 15 intact female adult dogs for breeding.

  • Requires large-scale breeders to register with Michigan Dept. of Ag. and Rural Development
  • Limits the size of commercial dog breeding kennels to 50 adult female breeding dogs
  • Prohibits them from selling puppies less than 8 weeks of age
  • Requires vaccination, parasite treatment and a health certificate signed by a veterinarian
  • Requires annual statistical reporting and daily record-keeping
  • Exempts small-scale hobby breeders
  • Clarifies and updates vaccination requirements for dogs and cats in shelters, pet stores, and large-scale breeders
  • Requires that shelters, pet stores, and large-scale breeders who must euthanize animals do so humanely in accordance with state law and current American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines
  • Prevents puppies and kittens less than 8 weeks old from being imported without their mothers by pet shops and large-scale  breeders
  • Requires that dogs and cats imported into Michigan by pet shops, large-scale breeders, and     animal shelters be accompanied by interstate health certificates

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