ACTION ALERT: 2015 National Puppy Mill Awareness Day (PMAD)


Sunday, September 27, 2015 is National Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Help end puppy mills and their cruelty—hold a PMAD in your

city/town! There are many ways you can raise awareness—find one

that works for you! Here are a few ideas:

• If you already know of an event taking place in your town that day see if

you can join forces.

• Hold a pet store protest.

• Plan a pet walk.

• Lead a “March”.

• Ask pet-friendly businesses in your town to hold a PMAD promotion

offering discounts.

• Hold an adoption event with a rescue.

• Hold an educational event at a local library.

• Organize a walk.

Any event will work, large or small. Raising awareness is the point!

Here is how to start planning your event!

ê Are there any related events already scheduled this day that could tie

in to or incorporate Puppy Mill Awareness Day? An adoption event,

peaceful protest, dog festival, dog walk, etc. Check local ordinances to

see if permits are needed for the additional large groups that will attend.

ê Hold a peaceful protest in front of a pet store that sells puppies. Find

out what the laws are regarding where you can be in proximity to the store

(contact your local law enforcement).


ê Hold the event in a city park or other public space nearby which is

easily accessible by the public and with ample parking (you may need an

event permit; check with your local Park/Recreation District). Do you

know of a local band or entertainer that would donate their time and talent

to the event? Honor a local leader or organization for their support of

animal welfare and consumer protection. Anything that will attract

positive public and media attention to the cause!

ê Lead a march/walk down a main street (in Chicago, we walk down

Michigan Avenue), or from a pet store to a park. Invite rescue groups and

shelters to participate, as well as veterinarians, vet hospitals/emergency

clinics/specialty clinics. You may need a permit and will need to alert your

local police department to see if you need a police escort or additional

police presence, and possibly alert business owners along the route.

Have posters and signs made for the event to pass out to your team to

carry and be sure to use our National logo for your posters and put your

town on it (contact NPMP for branding/logo information). Encourage

participants to make and bring their own signs as well.

Ask some of the pet-friendly businesses in the area to offer a special

PMAD discount/promotion. Might they offer to donate water and snacks

(health bars, cookies, healthy dog treats, etc.) to participants for after the

walk? Will they sponsor the walk by providing goods/services in

exchange for free advertising/exposure?

Invite a local celebrity/well-known animal welfare advocate to emcee the

march/walk. Or secure a legislator that supports our mission and have

them do a short speech to kick off the march/walk. Contact your Mayor,

Village President, Councilman, Senator, etc.

ê Hold an adoption event with local rescue groups and shelters. Have

them bring adoptable dogs and rescued puppy mill dogs (for their safety,

only those that are well-behaved and used to crowds).

ê Hold an educational event to share the message. Have a local

veterinarian give out information on pet care, and speak about the

common medical issues seen in puppy mill/pet store puppies.


ê Organize a pet walk. Encourage people to bring their dogs, children,

and friends (but only those that are well-behaved and used to crowds—

this applies to all three—we do not want any negative publicity) to all


To help promote your event, have t-shirts printed with the NPMP logo +

‘Puppy Mill Awareness Day 2015 (your city/town)’ on the front. Print

‘#WipeOutPuppyMills’ on the back. You can add your own PMAD logo and

sponsor logos if you would like. Contact us for the NPMP logo or


Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

BE CREATIVE! Again, any event, large or small, dedicated to raising

awareness of the existence of puppy mills, is the goal.

Be sure to let National Puppy Mill Project know what you will be doing so

we can add you to our press and social media campaigns.

How to ‘get the word out’ about your event:

Identify free/low cost advertising outlets: local radio stations, local cable

TV channels, college radio stations, etc.

Have posters, flyers and postcards printed (ask for a non-profit discount

or sponsorship opportunity) and place them around the city to promote

your event. Think community bulletin boards in local coffee

shops/restaurants, college campus student centers, public kiosks, etc. Be

sure to use our National logo for your printed material and put your town

on it (contact NPMP for branding/logo information).

Hold a news conference with elected officials to raise public awareness of

the existence of puppy mills and their connection to pet stores selling

puppies and the problem of pet overpopulation.

Invite elected officials to visit a local rescue or shelter to showcase the

wide variety of pets available for adoption and to promote pet adoption

over ‘shopping’.


Ask your mayor or other elected official to send a letter/memorandum to

all city employees about Puppy Mill Awareness Day. Ask your local

leadership to issue a proclamation recognizing Puppy Mill Awareness


Submit an editorial or letter to the local newspaper.

Encourage your newspaper or schools to sponsor essay or other


Contact the press and let them know about the event. We can help you

write a press release about your event to send to local media outlets.

Please share your ideas with others! Together, our voices WILL be heard

and puppy mill cruelty WILL end!

Have you already scheduled your Puppy Mill Awareness Day event?

That’s great! Please let us know the date, time and location and we will

include it in National Puppy Mill Project’s advertising, press releases, social

media campaign, website, etc.

Questions? Suggestions? Successes? Challenges? Contact other

NPMP members in your area or e-mail info@nationalpuppymillproject.org.