Strategic Roadmap

Together, we can end puppy mills and the inhumane treatment of dogs used as breeding stock.

There are two key levers for success:

(1) Remove the demand.   Informed consumers no longer buy commercially-bred puppies nor support business that sell them;

(2) Remove the supply.  Regulations that eliminate inhumane and outdated care standards and give dogs the protections they deserve, as well as enforcement of regulations, will pressure millers and pet stores that sell commercially-bred puppies to close.

To move these levers, we need to work outside our core group of true believers and put greater emphasis on mobilizing those less engaged.  We must also make the cause accessible to more people and help them better understand its connection to them.

NPMP members work collaboratively and organize for collective power.  To achieve our vision, we need to gain the support of the public, the help of other organizations working towards this same goal, and the attention of key lawmakers.

We Have Identified 4 Strategic Initiatives to Accelerate Our Mission:

  • Build a strong national coalition capable of making a real impact.
  • Raise public awareness so informed consumers no longer buy puppy mill puppies nor support businesses that sell them.
  • Advocate for legislative reform that will have the most impact to eliminate inhumane and outdated care standards and give dogs the protections they deserve.
  • Collaborate with other animal welfare leaders to accelerate mission achievement.


Why Assess?

Organizations that measure and track their progress towards carrying out their mission are more effective than those who do not.  Even more importantly, results that can be measured are key to building brand equity, credibility, and political clout – things necessary to achieving our vision.

What Metrics Will We Use?

To keep measurement as simple as possible, we focus on just a few key indicators that measure our organization’s strength, performance, and mission impact.  Strength indicators provide critical insight into our capacity to achieve our mission, such as the size and strength of our team.  Performance indicators focus on our activities and the short-term outcomes of those activities.  Our mission impact indicators allow us to assess our progress in realizing our longer-term vision.

 Coalition Strength Indicators

  • More members
  • More empowered members
  • More partnerships and collaborations

Performance Indicators

  • More people pledge to not support puppy mills or businesses that do
  • More people advocate for humane legislation
  • Fewer pet stores sell puppy mill puppies

Mission Impact Indicators

  • Fewer puppy mills & captive breeding dogs
  • Fewer puppy mill puppies sold annually
  • More cities, counties, states with humane legislation

How Are We Doing?

Check back later to see our results!

*Source:  Stebbins & Company , Strategic Management Consultants